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With so much advice available on cleaning, it's no wonder cleaning your home can become a major production. First you need to find the right products -- some that seem to come with a manual themselves.
Then comes the de-cluttering of areas to be cleaned.
Next is pouring the chemicals, mixing the chemicals, letting the product "soak," scrubbing, scouring, wiping, rinsing,dusting, vacuuming .... whew, and then you still have to clean up and put everything away. No wonder that cleaning your home can be exhausting.

We'll give you some tips on how to make this whole procedure a little less time consuming. As independent home cleaners in metro Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin, we've learned the tricks that get a home cleaned fast and easy with the best results.

Windows and mirrors:

Inside windows and mirrors are quite simple to keep clean, even with pets and children. While most glass cleaners work fine for day-to-day touch-ups, it's the heavier messes (i.e. toothpaste or food) that can be time consuming to cleanse away. When encountering such a problem, a simple razor blade can be used on glass windows and mirrors to scrape off splotches and splatter. Then wipe with glass cleaner as needed. To make the surface shine even more, spray with rubbing alcohol and wipe to a streak-free clean.

Glass stove tops:

To clean light surface stains a product made for glass stove tops works well. There is no need, however, to scrub the stove top covered in caked on mounds of food. Again, a simple razor blade will scrap most of the large particles off of a glass stove top. Some care is needed when using the blade so don't push too hard or the surface could scratch. Follow with the glass stove top cleaner.


No doubt this may be the dirtiest room in your home. But cleaning the bathroom can be less time consuming if you know some short cuts. For the toilet bowl, using a bleach tablet in the tank can keep the inside clean up to 20 times longer. No need to keep scrubbing the inside every few days. Tubs and sinks can seem to get horribly dirty in a matter of minutes. Keeping one of the new white scrubbing erasers nearby to wipe up after a big mess can help cut cleaning time down to minimum. Put one in the shower to wipe down after each use.